Saturday, October 16, 2010


One day I was
poking around,
some where in
the northern
hemisphere, when
I found this
abandoned shelter.

It no doubt served it's builder to a degree.
But it obviously is abandon now.

It would be of
help in a
thunder storm -
if you could get
there quick

Unless you have your head stuck in the sand.
You know that there is a storm coming on this
old world that this shelter - nor any other man
made - shelter can with stand.

This one looks
cozy. But the
coming storm
will require a
shelter in God
himself to
protect us.

Shelters have to be prepared before the need for
them arises. It's time to "flee" to God himself
now before being sweap away in the coming storm.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


These pictures were taken
in a time of drought.

While studying satellite maps
I noticed that in the national
forest were groves of tress that
appeared to be lush and green,
while every thing else was
dead looking.

Yes, some of these groves had
streams running through them.
But not all. Some were a long

way from the stream or at a level much higher than the stream. These
pictures were taken in on of these groves.

Of the groves I was able to visit, there was one common factor. All were
relatively level. They were like bottom land, or a flood plain. Even those
much higher than the stream. The water did not just run off during a
rain like the rest of the forest, but had been retained and had to soak in.

Every thing around was dried up.
But these groves still had moist
soil and even mud puddles. As
you can see, even green leaves
and flowers - during a time of

Life tends to be like the time of drought. It tries to dry us up and blow us
away. But if we will spend time in the Word of God. Soak it up. Let it
saturate us. Then we can be like these groves, green while every thing
around us is drying up.

"Happy are those
who reject the advice of evil people,
who do not follow
the example of sinners
or join those who have no use for God.
Instead, they find joy
in obeying the Law of the Lord,
and thy study it day and night.
They are like trees
that grow beside a stream,
that bear fruit at the right time,
and whose leaves do not dry up.
They succeed in everything they do."
-Psalms 1:1-3 TEV

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Delaney creek

I know. I know.
I know. I should
have been blogging.
But instead have
been "POKING

Remember, Jesus
is our supreme
example. The
Scriptures tell us,
"But he withdrew
to the wilderness
and prayed."
-Luke 5:16 RSV

Even he had to get away from people and alone with God the father.

Can you think of something better to do? I have been longing to get away
from the insanity of people. So following the Lord's example is the best
way I know.

The woods above are the wilderness I chose to hide in. And as you can
see below, there is a neat little creek there. This is "Delaney creek". And
much to your surprise, it runs through Delaney, Arkansas.

David, a man "after God's own heart" said,
"He leads me beside still water;
he restores my soul."
-Psalms 23:2

That's great advice. Grab your Bible. Head for the closest stream -
that is not crowded with people . And spend some time with God.
It restores my soul. I don't want to come back to so called civilization.

This is the pack mule I used this time. It works fine. There is room in
the hard bags, not only for my Bible, but snacks, water and more.

The best things is life are not, noise, confusion, working hard so
you can buy more things to take care of. Nor working you tail
off to impress your neighbors. Spending time with God will do
a lot more for you now and in the forever to come.

Monday, July 5, 2010


I live in motorcycle
country. That's the
way God made it,
and I'm glad.

BUT, I live uncomfortably
close (10 - 15 miles.)
to a city which hosts
about the 6th largest
motorcycle rally in
the nation.

You can learn a lot
by just keeping your
eyes open. Over the
last ten years or so
I have been watching
"bikers" - local and visiting. And, picking up added information from my
motorcycle acquaintances and friends.

One of the things I first observed is that when one of these motorcycle rallies
is going on, motorcycles appear in driveways and front yards that have been
hidden all year long.

Makes you wonder.

After watching the
action (or lack of)
for all these years
it has become obvious
that the typical
motorcycle ride
consist of the following.

l. Go pull the "biker"
costume off the shelf.
Dust it off and put it on.

2. Talk mama into
going with you, if she
will. And give her time
to dig out her "biker"
costume and put it on.

3. Roll the bike out of
it's hiding place. And
get it started. It helps
to race it up a bunch
and make a lot of racket.
That way people know
you have it.

4. Climb on. (Both of you,
if mama is going with you.)

5. Here is the hard part.
Ride it, all the way - AND I
the closest car wash.

6. Wash the motorcycle
thoroughly .

7. If you had to come to
the car wash solo, then
head for your favorite
watering hole to spend
some time bragging about
what a great biker you

8. If mama came with
you, head for the house.

9. Lap the block several
times so people can see
that you actually have a
running motorcycle.
(The more neighbors out - the more laps.)

10. When you get to the house, spend the rest of the day wiping, polishing
and detailing the motor cycle. [Note: This should be done in the drive way or
front yard, close to the street, so everyone driving by can admire the way you do it.]

11. Put the motorcycle back in it's hiding place.

12. Take the "biker" costume off and put it back on the shelf until the next
great adventure to the car wash.

Now, wasn't that fun?

Most "bikers" I meet ride this way. The Bible tells us of
a group of "religious" people who " all their deeds to
be seen by men:" (Mt. 23:5) It seems "religious" people
are not the only ones infected with this disease.

Monday, June 28, 2010


I didn't do it.
It just happened.

We stepped out
from eating lunch
and there it was.
Big as day. Right
in the middle of
every thing.

Like a miracle.

It might have been
the "big bang". But
if it had, we would
have heard it.

More than likely it is proof of evolution.

It started off as a truck and evolved into a LPC. (Lady's Personal
Carrier.) No thought. No designer. It just happened. You know,
forces working together indiscriminately producing stuff.
Simple stuff like mankind, birds, trees and snails. All just an accident.

Mam. That's not a slam at you. You put a lot of thought into that
truck and made it something you are proud of. My slam is at those
bloated big heads that don't want to acknowledge God. Just used
your truck as an example. You certainly have one of a kind. Not
another in the world like it. Thanks for letting us see it.

It's O.K guys.
It has a lady's
name on it.

But I still tried
to not get too
close to it.
(I did not want
to pollute it.)

Mam. I hope you
get a lot of enjoyment
out of washing,
polishing, cleaning,
dusting and detailing.

But what can it

Now here is a man's
truck. One that will
haul something.

Proud of all that
rust under the
doors and else
where. It just
happened with
out any help from

This thing hauls;
  • motorcycles
  • chicken feed
  • motorcycles
  • rabbit feed
  • motorcycles
  • brush
  • motorcycles
  • rocks
  • motorcycles
  • plants
  • motorcycles
  • lumber
  • motorcycles
  • and much more.

Which one do you think cost the most?
Which one do you think does the most work?
Which one do you think takes the least of a persons time?

Just a thought.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Yes. It is a
fake cannon.

This is the one
that a few
weeks ago
I told you we
could not get
to fire. Then
it would not
"boom", just
flame out.

As mentioned
then, the Lord
helped me
correct each

Here it is about ready to roll out of the shop.

And below, it's final resting place - maybe.
That depends on the wife and her flowers.

A fake cannon to be sure. But, even it were a real cannon,
it is poor protection. It's right out side my bedroom
window. But what about the other side of the house?
Or when I am asleep? Or heart attacks, disease, stuff
falling out of the sky?

A truck load of guns, knives, bombs and other weapons are
no guarantee of protection. True protection comes only
from God himself. We need to be in a personal one to one
relationship with God for true protection.

Is God protecting you? Or are you trying to do it yourself?

Monday, June 14, 2010


This shows how quick we are to jump to conclusions.

For the few hours after seeing the above, I was questioning
the intelligence of the rider. But later it dawned on me.
That may be the popular brand of motorcycle that has a
reputation for being "trailered" every where.

That motorcycle may not be parked there. It might just
be at a trailer stop, or loading area waiting for it's ride
back into town. After all, it was two miles or better
out of town.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


This is the
kind of
cannon my
would like.

But if you
ever checked
the price of
one. You know
why he will not
get one. Even
a replica.

He thinks one
would look good
on this retaining wall.
You know what?
I think he is right.

So, grandpa gets
to build one.

This one is coming
from the factory with;
Wheels, hubs and
spindles - courtesy
of a Ford Escort.
Axle and elevation
adjuster from an old
satellite dish. Spade,
from an old truck
trailer hitch. Breech
bolts from an old
Ford recall. Spark
plug from an old 60's
Ford. And the rest
from the scrap metal
pile. That's the way I
do things.

I know, you just
wave a credit card
and get one.

This cannon is not
complete by any
means. But it is at
the stage where we
wanted to test fire
it. Then if changes
are necessary, they
can be made while
it is still under

You guessed it.
It would not fire.
I was planning on
using the igniter
from a gas grill to
fire the plug. And
the way you see it

in the last photo, on the bench it would fire
every time.

But put that plug in the cannon and
then try to get it to fire. Well, just
forget it. Why, I do not know. It would
work just perfectly on the bench. But
put it in the cannon -even wired like
you see, and it will only fire if it wants

I even tried the firing thing
that came with the igniter.
When I would get the gap right
it would fire every time - on the
bench. But bolt it into the barrel
of the cannon. And it would just
fire once in a while.

After lots of frustration and wasted
time I had to give up in desperation.
For me that means prayer time.
So pray I did. And several hours later
the Lord gave me the answer.

Yes I can make it fire now. It is not a
sonic boom, yet. Just a loud belch. But
that problem is the next step.

(Before I got this published. The Lord
helped us learn how to put the "boom"
in it too.)

The point I want to make is that God
answers prayer. Even on little things.
Some time you are going to be at the
end of yourself on something. Then it's
time to turn to Jesus Christ. He has
the solution to your problem.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


The prospective: First I'm a gear head. That means to me
function is more important than form. Consequently, a
bare bones rat bike [I said bare. Not cluttered with all the
trash you can attach to it.] is far more interesting than a
mass produced collection of chrome pieces off a cookie
cutter assembly line. There are thousands of us that way.
If you are not one of us - just look down your nose at us in
disdain and pretend we don't exist.

I bought an old Goldwing so I could strip it down. Like
the one below. It looked like a push cart at the airport
coming down the isle with a load of luggage on it. Oh,
SORRY. I know some of you like it that way. That's O.K.
Get your polishing cloth out and have a great day.

I respect Goldwing engineering. They are good at it.
Also consider insurance. Compare it on the "wing"
to say, a Kawasaki ZX11. (No, I can't make it into a bike
comparable to the ZX) One more thing. The owner's
manual on that puppy says it has a pay load - accessories,
people, luggage and lunch - of 900 lbs. That means
this thing is going to be under stressed, even with a
man sized lunch on board. (Me and 700 lbs. of
lunch. You better get your bike and go along.)

So the first step (Just a few days after purchase.) was
to take the storm door off the front. The clothes
closets off the side. And the kitchen cabinet off the back.
That was 71 lbs. off the first round.

This is the stage I used it in as a daily rider to work -
year around - for years. It served very well. But you know
motorcycles are something to take apart and then put
back together the way you want them. So more was
needed off.

No I did not do anything to the engine. I worked on engines
for about twenty five years. It's not that much fun anymore.
So all the work to transform this was "external".

Hey, that is the way it is when we try to improve our selves.
We end up only changing the outside. It is only when we
turn ourselves over to Jesus Christ that the transformation
starts right down on the inside.

Guys like to see pretty girls. That why most motorcycle
magazines are not fit for public display. But click the link
call it rap or rapping or something. Any way, your wife
will not mind you watching her. Might even wish you would.

Monday, May 10, 2010


I was poking
around in the
hen house the
other day and
noticed some-
thing. There was
a new regime.
Same chickens.
Different boss.

It goes like this.
The wife wanted
a rooster. She
picked the black
one in the picture.
But he would not
crow. And that
was what she wanted a rooster for. So being the loving husband I am,
I bought her another rooster. The reddish one below.

Of course Mr. Black Rooster put him in his place. Well, for a while. Soon
the new rooster decided to take over. So now Mr. Red rooster was the new

Of course Mr. Red Rooster over looked one little thing. The Scriptures
"Pride goes before destruction,
and a haughty spirit before a fall."
-Proverbs 16:18 RSV

A fellow gave me some pullets. (He thought they were). One of the
pullets was a rather strange pullet. Really it was a slow developing
rooster. However the other roosters kept it in it's place - until the
other day. It had grown up.

Now Mr. Red Rooster don't crow anymore. That's him cowering up on
the hen's nests eating crow.

Yes, the young half breed below is now king of the roost. The way he has been
running around so cocky lately you know he is real proud of himself. But he
needs to remember one thing. God said,
"For every one who exalts himself will be humbled,
and he who humbles himself will be exalted."
-Luke 14:11 RSV.

So watch out Mr. Rooster. Just like us, you have a day coming.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


No. That is not a mini-volcano. But it raises a question
in my mind.

Consider a few of the more recent volcanoes.
  • Eyjafjullajokull
  • Loihi seamount
  • Mount Amukta
  • Fourpeaked
  • Mount St. Helens
  • Kasatochi Island
When these things erupt, I've been told that
they emit more pollution than the entire
human race. And the expert that I talked to
said, more pollution than humans have in
their entire history. Now that is each volcano.

And we have some agencies to combat
pollution. For example;
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • U K Environment Agency
  • Northern Ireland Agency
  • German Federal Agency
  • European Environment Agency
  • National Environmental Agency.
When any of these recent volcanoes erupted,
did any of our environmental protection agencies
issue the volcano a citation, warrant, ticket or
arrest them for polluting?????

Or, were they too busy worrying about some poor
old boy burning trash in his back yard????

Friday, April 23, 2010


This photo has nothing to do with nothing. It is simply
a concept motorcycle for a motorcycle company that
has no concept about motorcycles.

I am simply a simple old man that likes simple old
motorcycles. That makes us compatible.

Now take the simple old motorcycle below.

Do you see those two rear shock? If you are in no hurry
to adjust them. Then drag you feet over to the tool box.
Then chat a while with a friend. That way it would take you
less than five minutes to adjust them. Not even time for
a cup of coffee.

If you were in a hurry to adjust those shocks, it would
take less than 120 seconds - for both of them.

So the grand kid comes in with this newer motorcycle
below. Same brand. But new and fancy. "Grandpa,
will you adjust my back shock? When my girl friend
rides with me it bottoms out."

He was not man enough to tell her to loose weight.
Or may be he just wanted to live a little longer.
Or, may be keep his girl friend!

"Sure kid. Where is the shock at?"

Now the reason I call this a theologian's motorcycle is
that theologians like to complicate things. (You might
use some one else.) And as you will see, it appears that
the motorcycle company must have added a theologian
to the design team.

Adjust the shock now in five minutes. You are kidding.
It's more like five hours. Notice the steps now that a
theologian has been added to the team.

-Jack up and block the motorcycle. (I added a sky hook.)
-Remove exhaust pipes.
-Remove storage box.
-Remove tool kit.
-Remove lower shock bolt.
-Remove tie rods from rocker arm.
-Remove upper shock bolt.
-Remove shock from motorcycle.
-Take to bench and adjust.

Reinstall by reversing the removal steps.

Now that's just like a theologian. Do you want to get to
know God personally? Well I'll just tell you how;
-Come to my church and listen to me talk.
-Then come up front so I'll know my talk did something.
-Then say this simple prayer.
-Then we have this ceremony for you to go through.
-After that you will go to our class to learn the 35 things
you must believe to be like us.
-Here is a list of the 117 things you must do.
-And here is the list of 378 things you can never do.
- OH! I almost forgot. You pay here.

Sound familiar????

But how does God look at it?

Jesus tells us about a tax collector [Now you can't get
any lower than that.] who wanted to get right with God.
He was dead serious and simply cried out, "God be
merciful to me a sinner!" Jesus said he was justified.

When Jesus was dying for you and me, one of the
criminals being executed with him called to him.
"Jesus, remember me when you come into your
kingdom." Jesus told him that he would be with him
in Paradise that very day.

When a Jailer was about to commit suicide because
of circumstances in desperation he called out to
the apostle Paul and his pardner, "Men, what must
I do to be saved?" They replied, "Believe in the Lord
Jesus, and you will be saved,..."

I don't know about you. But I like simple old
motorcycles and I like the simplicity that God
allows in turning to him, if we will.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I made a mistake. See, I even got the images all mixed
up. Of course you don't know what a mistake is. But
if some one will not tell you, it is in the dictionary.

I "had" and old GS550 that I had tinkered with until it
would scream. I took it off the road and used it to ride
around the house and field.

Tinker with it and ride it. But then we begin to clean up
around here and I made the mistake of getting ride of it.

It did not bother me until this spring. Then bam. It hit
me hard. I wanted an old bike to tinker with and race
around the place on. My street bikes are fine just the
way they are. They are for riding - not tinkering with.

A dirt bike would do all I wanted. But I wanted to strip
it down the way I wanted. Half the fun is in the tinkering.
The the other 90% is in the riding. (You add it up.)

My conscience would not allow me to spend much on it.
The major priority was, CHEAP. You know, just a little
more than I would carry in my wallet.

For about a month I searched ebay. Yes there were
several there - in Main, California or Washington etc.
But I did not want to travel more than about two
hundred miles to get it.

A month of following ebay, craigslist, the newspaper
and all the local shoppers resulted in nothing.

Next step. I ask some of my online friends to pray for me
and my situation. That was a Friday morning.

By Friday after noon the Lord let me understand the
part the motorcycle was to play for me.

The next day, Saturday, a friend just happened to come
by. I mentioned my search to him.

He just happened to need gas.

While getting gas an acquaintance of his just happened
to come out of the store.

His brother-in-law had passed away and he just
happened to have an old motorcycle setting in his shed.

It just happened that he was trying to sell it for his sister.

On Sunday I went and looked at it. It just happened to
be exactly what I was wanting. Even one of the favored
brands for this project.

It just happened to be in the correct price range.

Oh! and it just happened to be between two and three
miles from my house.

So on Monday I just happened to go to the bank and
get him the cash.

And before the week was out it just happened to be mine
and setting in my shop.

As you can see, I'm changing both the style and the brand
of it.

Of course these are only external changes.

It is not like when a persons turns their life over to the
Lord Jesus Christ and He changes them from the inside

Now you can go on working things out with your own
"smarts" if you like. But as for me. I like it best when
God begins to work it out for me.

You can call this old bike junk, ugly or a rat bike.
But I call it fun.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Now if you insist on
living in a large town,
may I suggest
Hindsville. I know,
it is getting crowed.
There are signs of
growth several

But when you live on the outskirts of a large
metropolis like I do. Even with the large size of
Hindsville it is inviting. Why the community next
door to me has on the warning sign you are
entering their territory, a population of 752.
Now that's 750 toooo many.

Ladies, LOOK. Antiques.
There are at least two
antique stores in
Hindsville. And you can
bring your husband.
While you are shopping
send him outside.


Even a model "T" waiting for
him to make into a project

And cross the street even another antique shop.
Better yet, across its parking lot and across the
street is the Valley Inn Cafe.

So while you are in
here. Send your
husband over there.
He will eat good and
meet friendly people
while you are spending
his money. How's that
for putting him in a
good mood?
I've spent many a pleasant hour in there eating good
food. For years this was the only place my wife would
eat steak. She insists on a GOOD steak. And this was
the place.

Oh! They have some of
the best home made pies
in the area.

Drop what you are doing. Come on down into
Arkansas. Head for Madison County like we
do and get refreshed.

Hindsville is in the west side of Madison County on
Hwy 412.

If we meet in the cafe I can share with you more good
eating places around here. That's what we do best here.