Wednesday, April 28, 2010


No. That is not a mini-volcano. But it raises a question
in my mind.

Consider a few of the more recent volcanoes.
  • Eyjafjullajokull
  • Loihi seamount
  • Mount Amukta
  • Fourpeaked
  • Mount St. Helens
  • Kasatochi Island
When these things erupt, I've been told that
they emit more pollution than the entire
human race. And the expert that I talked to
said, more pollution than humans have in
their entire history. Now that is each volcano.

And we have some agencies to combat
pollution. For example;
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • U K Environment Agency
  • Northern Ireland Agency
  • German Federal Agency
  • European Environment Agency
  • National Environmental Agency.
When any of these recent volcanoes erupted,
did any of our environmental protection agencies
issue the volcano a citation, warrant, ticket or
arrest them for polluting?????

Or, were they too busy worrying about some poor
old boy burning trash in his back yard????

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  1. Oh I'm a big fan of burning trash! I pray they never take that right away from us. I don't know what we'd do if they did.
    We live in a rural village that permits burning. We haven't had 'garbage' pick up for 15 yrs. now. We recycle plastics, newspapers & cardboard, metals and glass. We compost food scraps. We give the Amish many of the items we don't need. And.... we burn the rest!
    Hmmm... to fill a landfill with 15 yrs. worth of garbage --- or to burn our trash once a week. Wonder which is worse?