Monday, June 28, 2010


I didn't do it.
It just happened.

We stepped out
from eating lunch
and there it was.
Big as day. Right
in the middle of
every thing.

Like a miracle.

It might have been
the "big bang". But
if it had, we would
have heard it.

More than likely it is proof of evolution.

It started off as a truck and evolved into a LPC. (Lady's Personal
Carrier.) No thought. No designer. It just happened. You know,
forces working together indiscriminately producing stuff.
Simple stuff like mankind, birds, trees and snails. All just an accident.

Mam. That's not a slam at you. You put a lot of thought into that
truck and made it something you are proud of. My slam is at those
bloated big heads that don't want to acknowledge God. Just used
your truck as an example. You certainly have one of a kind. Not
another in the world like it. Thanks for letting us see it.

It's O.K guys.
It has a lady's
name on it.

But I still tried
to not get too
close to it.
(I did not want
to pollute it.)

Mam. I hope you
get a lot of enjoyment
out of washing,
polishing, cleaning,
dusting and detailing.

But what can it

Now here is a man's
truck. One that will
haul something.

Proud of all that
rust under the
doors and else
where. It just
happened with
out any help from

This thing hauls;
  • motorcycles
  • chicken feed
  • motorcycles
  • rabbit feed
  • motorcycles
  • brush
  • motorcycles
  • rocks
  • motorcycles
  • plants
  • motorcycles
  • lumber
  • motorcycles
  • and much more.

Which one do you think cost the most?
Which one do you think does the most work?
Which one do you think takes the least of a persons time?

Just a thought.

1 comment:

  1. Well I never saw such a thing. It's an LPC huh? For goodness sakes. Even I would prefer a TRUCK that I wouldn't be afraid to scratch when I hauled garden soil, campfire wood, grandchildren's toys, furniture, etc.
    But then again, I don't polish my nails to look as pretty as that truck (hee hee).