Sunday, May 16, 2010


The prospective: First I'm a gear head. That means to me
function is more important than form. Consequently, a
bare bones rat bike [I said bare. Not cluttered with all the
trash you can attach to it.] is far more interesting than a
mass produced collection of chrome pieces off a cookie
cutter assembly line. There are thousands of us that way.
If you are not one of us - just look down your nose at us in
disdain and pretend we don't exist.

I bought an old Goldwing so I could strip it down. Like
the one below. It looked like a push cart at the airport
coming down the isle with a load of luggage on it. Oh,
SORRY. I know some of you like it that way. That's O.K.
Get your polishing cloth out and have a great day.

I respect Goldwing engineering. They are good at it.
Also consider insurance. Compare it on the "wing"
to say, a Kawasaki ZX11. (No, I can't make it into a bike
comparable to the ZX) One more thing. The owner's
manual on that puppy says it has a pay load - accessories,
people, luggage and lunch - of 900 lbs. That means
this thing is going to be under stressed, even with a
man sized lunch on board. (Me and 700 lbs. of
lunch. You better get your bike and go along.)

So the first step (Just a few days after purchase.) was
to take the storm door off the front. The clothes
closets off the side. And the kitchen cabinet off the back.
That was 71 lbs. off the first round.

This is the stage I used it in as a daily rider to work -
year around - for years. It served very well. But you know
motorcycles are something to take apart and then put
back together the way you want them. So more was
needed off.

No I did not do anything to the engine. I worked on engines
for about twenty five years. It's not that much fun anymore.
So all the work to transform this was "external".

Hey, that is the way it is when we try to improve our selves.
We end up only changing the outside. It is only when we
turn ourselves over to Jesus Christ that the transformation
starts right down on the inside.

Guys like to see pretty girls. That why most motorcycle
magazines are not fit for public display. But click the link
call it rap or rapping or something. Any way, your wife
will not mind you watching her. Might even wish you would.

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