Sunday, January 20, 2019


In my lifetime I have lived in about four different
States.  But the one I live in now is the only one 
that has "low water bridges" that I know about.

A lot of these back roads cross creeks.  So, they
put in a "low water bridge" like the one below.
This one is crossing "clear creek" near Clifty,
Arkansas.  I cross this one often going to my 
"hide out" about fifteen minutes from Clifty.

You may not have noticed, but you have to be
careful crossing these bridges or you will not 
make it to the other side.

One morning after a good nights rain I was going
over to my "hide out" on my motorcycle.   In this
area after a rain like that it often is real foggy the 
next day until about mid morning when the fog will
finally life.

Those of you who ride motorcycles will understand
the next problem.  When riding in foggy conditions
your windshield wipers will not work on a motorcycle.
So, your glove on your left hand becomes your wind-
shield wiper.  Every little bit you reach up with your 
left glove and wipe the fog off of your visor so you
can see where you are going.

This particular morning I knew I was getting close
to the creek when suddenly the road completely
disappeared.  I could not see anything to ride on.
So I parked the bike and took a good look.  The 
fog had hid the low water bridge which was 
completely covered with water.  So after carefully
aiming the motorcycle I rode across with about three
or four inches of water coming over the top of
the bridge.

The image below is the same day after the fog 
lifted and I was on my way home.

I have to thank God often for keeping this old man
out of trouble.  And this was one of those times.

Saturday, January 19, 2019


It is hard to see, but that orange spot in the middle
of the picture is a kid riding the zip line at Fort
Rock Family Camp.

Unless something has changed recently, this zip
line is the longest single span zip line in the State
of Arkansas.  Even this old man enjoys riding on
it or zipping on it or what ever it is called.

The rider is stopped at the lower end by bungie
cords.  And as you would know, the heavier a
person is, the more speed they pick up.  In fact
a heaver person gains enough speed that the 
bungie cords at the bottom will shoot them right
back out over the lake.  So the people at the 
receiving end throw another bungie cord over
the line as soon a heavy person "zips" past to
retrieve the rider before they are sent back out
over the lake like from a sling shot.

Sunday, January 13, 2019


So I did not spell Teepee the way you want.
Teepee can be spelled several ways and I have
not taken time to ask any of my Indian friends.
They live in houses and might not know anyway.

Teepee can also be spelled, Tipi or Tepee.  Or
so the internet tells me.  Perhaps the ones above
are a "Tipi" and a "Teepee".  I don't know.

The ones above are (were) at Fort Rock Family
Camp.  They were put up for when there was
overflow conditions causing a bedroom shortage.
And of course the kids like that kind of camping.

It was found that when there was not a camp
going on, the cows liked the Teepees as well
as the kids did.

Cows and Teepees do not mix well.
So, the Teepees are gone now.

Saturday, January 12, 2019


This is our version of a pallet table.

My daughter wanted a pallet table.  But, her
husband did not want to try and make one for
her.  So, my little girl, who is now a grand mother,
called "daddy".  That's me.  And you know how
daughters are.  They will always be your little
girl.  And of course you cannot disappoint little

Now my daughter and her husband live in a
different state than I do.  But, if he did not have
to make it for her, he agreed to pay for the shipping
of the table.  So, we tried.  And what you see above
is what we come up with.

After they got it to their home, they put some
kind of a stain or finish on it that really brought
out the colors.  Truly it did end up a beautiful
thing when they finished it.

What did I learn from this??


Sunday, January 6, 2019


Here is a boy enjoying life at Fort Rock Family Camp.

As  I think about it, there is a difference between 
"paddle a boat" and "a paddle boat".  In this case the 
boy is on "a paddle boat" paddling his way to shore.

But even more exciting to myself is, HIS NOSE IS NOT
some how got his nose out of his cell phone and entered
into life it's self for a little while.

Saturday, January 5, 2019


This photo will not mean much to many of you.
But as an old real tired [retired] auto mechanic,
I just love it.  The very simplicity of this old 

There were just a few cars running yet with this
simplicity when I was a young man.  What  you
will not believe is that they actually ran, and that

This of course is not a car but a tractor that I
ran across in Lytle Creek California a few years

Yes, it makes me long for the simplicity of "The
good old days."

Sunday, December 30, 2018



That little toy wood lathe mounted on the
board and powered by a drill was something
I acquired as a boy about 70 years ago.

I  have hauled it all over the country with
me, but never used it.  Finally when making
up some whistles for little kids I needed to be
about to turn out some "fipple" blocks.  So,
taking it and an old hand drill I've had for
about 60 years I made up the "thing" you
see above.  Even more marvelous is the
fact that it works.