Sunday, November 18, 2018



To me there is something peaceful about back roads.
Going down them is like getting away from it all.

This one is a couple of miles East of our house.
When I moved in here about 45 years ago, the road
in front of our house was just one more dirt road.
Then people begin to move in around us.  I do not
know if it was because they wanted to be close to
me, or to irritate me.  I think it was the latter.

But now that the road is paved right up to the 
middle of our place I need to go for a ride further
East once in a while to get away from the confusion.

Saturday, November 17, 2018


Found this sign in a home near by.
I know, it's not real exciting, but it's telling.

It tells me that the person who put the sign up
has run into his/her share of undisciplined kids.
My wife and I have noticed over the years that
very few children anymore have been disciplined.
  In short, most kids today are "spoiled brats".  
But the truth is, we cannot blame the kids.
You guess who is to blame for not disciplining

Sunday, November 11, 2018


No that is not my horse.  In fact I am not sure who's
horse it is.  But looking that hungry I sure did not run
it off.  It was welcome to eat all it wanted and as long
as it wonted to.

In fact, it has been back one more time since that 
picture was snapped.  I just have to assume that we
have greener grass than someone else does.

Saturday, November 10, 2018




You no doubt have seen the adds too.
"New life for old computers".

Really, I have no complaint.  But when I
saw the add I was tempted.  I have several
old computers laying around and to be able
to put new life into them with just a little 
flash drive.  Amazing, I want one.  Why
even my newer computers could use a new
burst of energy.

There was only one problem.  My
computers were too old.  What they meant 
by old was late model to me.  I do not 
remember seeing what operating systems
this new burst of energy would work with
in the ad.  And apparently my old computers
are "pre-historic".  So, now what.

Well, the sound system on the computer
I had my music in went bad.  So, I turned
the little OLD computer in the picture above
into my new sound system.  It now has 
eleven hours of the kind of music I like
- Not what you like - down loaded into it.
The gadget I bought might not have worked
for me.  But I thank God that it made me
do something with that old computer that
is a real blessing to me.

Sunday, November 4, 2018


A couple of boys riding the zip line at Fort Rock Family

I do not know if it is still true, but when I got acquainted
with Fort Rock Family Camp and their staff they had the
longest single span zip line in Arkansas.

It does look strange to see two small boys together on a
ride down the zip line.  But that is so they get all the way
to the end.  If there is not enough weight to carry them 
all the way through, they would be stuck before getting
 to the end of the line.  Then someone would have to
 rescue them.

On the other end of the scale there is a weight limit on
this particular zip lime of 350 lbs.  One of the 
interesting things is the way a person is brought to a 
stop.  It is by running into bungie cords down at the 
end of the ride.  Generally this works out just fine.

However, a LARGE person going into the bungie 
cords at the end can have the effect of pulling back a
 sling shot and it will shoot them right back out over 
the lake.  So they have a code [which I forgot] that the 
person at the top hooking a passenger up relays to 
the people at the end of the line.  Then when the 
passenger goes shooting through that little shed down
 at the end of the line, the receivers throw another 
bungie cord up over the zip line to keep the passenger
 from shooting back out over the lake.

I am a bit jealous though.  I am only the second oldest
person to have ridden on this zip line.  I was 83 years
old my last time down it.  And would you believe it,
there was a lady just over 90 years old who rode it a 
while back.  O well.  I can't win them all.

Saturday, November 3, 2018


Sorry for such poor pictures.  But I was not prepared
to snap a picture of this guy/him/her/it.  And even worse
I am not near as stable with a camera anymore.  But 
when looking out the kitchen window, there it was.

Take note of the blooms on some kind of plant or other
that the wife "had" there.  This ground hog has been
 around for a while now and is so fat that it can hardly 

The bird feeder is just outside of the window which
 means that some bird seed lands on the ground.  But it 
likes the wife's plants in particular.  The blooms nor the 
plants are there any more because the ground hog ate 
them.  Consequently the ground hog is not around
 anymore.   However I did see it down the road the
 other day near the neighbor's house.

Sunday, October 28, 2018


Watch out for cougars.
Out in the woods there are God made cougars.
They are very dangerous.  Stay away from them.

Here is a man made Cougar, made by Ford motor
company.  I found it in the woods not far from the
house.  It looks like it could be dangerous too.