Sunday, December 10, 2017


Proud of that chair.
Well, how God gave it to me.

I had a chair in my "hide out" that was over a hundred
years old.  My daughter wanted it for a room she was
redecorating.  [That is what daughters are for.]  Of
course she got it.  But I needed another one.

Now being as it was for my old "hide out", out in the
woods, a nice new one would be out of place.  And I
did not want to spend much when and old used chair
would do just fine.  So, it was off to the thrift shops.

Now I am used to praying about such things so I
prayed that God would let me get a cheap one.

I found the chair above for $9.95.  That was good
enough.  So up to the check out counter we went.
After putting it up on the counter the girl said that
would be .50 cents.  I pointed out the tag at $9.95.
She told me that "Today all green tags are .50 cents."

So, she got .50 cents and I thanked God for a nice
sturdy chair for nearly nothing.


Saturday, December 9, 2017


You would not make a mistake like this.
But I thought I would start a small chain
saw and weed eater repair shop.

I did not totally find God's will on the 
situation.  I was going my own way.  So, after 
spending hundreds of dollars on inventory and 
getting things ready to go, God let me know 
that I was going the wrong direction.

When you are going the wrong direction
there is only one thing to do, turn and go
the correct direction.

The picture above was only part of the 
inventory.  But I took a full pickup load
of chain saws and weed eaters to the sale.
It is true the inventory was mostly material
to repair and then sell.  That made it of more
value to me than to most people.  The result.
It all sold for a whopping $5.00.

I hope I learned something from this.

Sunday, December 3, 2017


I spotted the little tractor above at a friend's place one
day. After looking it over good  and seeing it was a
well built little tractor, old and just sitting there, I
confess to wishing I had it.

It had a hydraulic powered draw bar, wheel weights and
a hydrostatic transmission.  It would be a lot stronger
tractor than the little thing I had.

In time my friend wanted me to get it running for him.
So, I brought it to my shop and "fixed" a bunch of stuff
to get it going.  Then returned it to my friend.

It was being used around his farm pulling a mower.
My friend has a lot of volunteer help because of the
camp connected to the farm.  So the tractor was being
used a lot by "young boys".

You guessed it.  They ran it out of oil.  So, back to my
shop to go through the engine.

Does it surprise you that now I am content to not
have that little tractor?

Saturday, December 2, 2017



One of the local attractions in North West Arkansas.

The mill still is used and the product on sale.
But to an old guy like myself it is mostly a 
gift shop for the ladies to shop in.

But do not give up guys.
There is a restaurant on the top floor.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Saturday, November 25, 2017


that is not quite the hide away,
but the drive way into my hide away.

Even Christ himself had times he needed
to go get away from the crowds, usually to
pray.  No I do not have crowds following
me like Jesus did.  And I don't want them.
But sometimes life feels like it is right in
the middle of a crowd.  And so this old man
needs to head out for some peace and quit.

Sunday, November 19, 2017


Down the road a ways from me.
Here in the Ozarks we sometimes forget
to paint things enough.

But a few shingles will fix it.