Sunday, September 17, 2017


Hey boy!

Don't you know the old Chinese Proverb says;

"A hundred men may make an encampment,
but it takes a woman to make a home."

Saturday, September 16, 2017


What a lousy bunch of cameras.
I have enjoyed playing with everyone of them.

But, not one of them made a photographer out of me.

Guess I had better go back to gardening.
At least I know I cannot do that.

Friday, April 21, 2017


Several days ago I became aware that the fan for 
the heating and air-conditioning system would 
not stop.  No matter what setting it was on, when 
the temperature was reached, the fan continued to 
run instead of shut off like it is supposed to.

See the switch on the right?  Even when the switch 
was set in the off position, the fan continued to run.  
The only way I could stop the fan was to go shut the 
breakers off.  Then the fan would not run.

That is not good.  And letting it run 24 & 7 is 
not good.  So, the daughter called the repair man.

The repair man showed me how to push the fan 
switch from "On" to "Auto".

That little bit of information only cost $75.00.

Saturday, April 1, 2017


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This will be no "eye opener" to you
because daily the world is trying to
jam it down your throat.

They want you to think that millions and
millions of years ago - even before your
parents were born - lots and lots and lots
of nothing came together.  In fact so much
nothing came to gather that it finally exploded.

Then after this huge explosion of nothing,
thousands and millions of impossibilities
took place over millions and millions of 
years to produce this universe we live in.

by pure chance some of this "stuff" developed 
into simple little animals.  But not being content
to be simple little animals they decided to become
more complex.  That is, become "smart" people.

All of this our brilliant scientist were able to 
figure out with their smart brains.

So the next time someone accuses you of 
doing something stupid - just remind them
that you are an accident just like them.  Our
scientist tell us so.

Now here is where I have a hard time.
Do you see the picture of that simple fence

These same brilliant scientist would try to tell me
that it had to have a designer.  You know, an 
intellegent person gave some thought to its design
and production.

Does that mean that really complex stuff happens
all by it's self.  But really simple stuff has to have
a designer or creator?????

Friday, January 27, 2017


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Back when I was a kid, it was simple to identify people.
It usually only took a glance.  Or if in doubt, like one
 kid said, "Run around front and look."

But now days, O my.  Is it a him, her or an it.
But after watching for a few years I think I have
found out how to tell the difference.

Look under the sunglasses.

If the person has bright red lips, it is most likely a female.

Or, if in under the sunglasses, it has a beard, it is most
likely a male.

This is not an infallible method.  But I have found it to
to be pretty reliable most of the time.

You know even better than I do, that for thousands
 and thousands of years people got by without
 sunglasses just fine.  But then they found out that
 sunglasses made them look "COOL".  So they have
them on if they need them or not, to look cool,
day or night. 

The key is, look down below the sunglasses.

Friday, January 13, 2017


I have had a number of computers the last few years.
But all of them have been used.  You know, cheap.
But Window's "Vista" drove me to "Mac".  And this 
little guy in the photo was my  [My, not my wife's.]
first new computer.

But, that was back in "09".  So, like myself, it was
beginning to show it's age.  It was slowing down 
and a lot of things were out of date.

It came new with "Mac OS X Snow Leopard 
installed.  Big stuff back in it's day.    So, I took
advantage of the free offer of Apple or Mac or who
ever they are, to upgrade [Ha, ha, ha.] to the newer
OS X El Capitan.

Was that ever a mistake.  That may have been about
six months ago and I have been paying the price 
ever since.  It gave it "computer dementia", or 

True, it did have 2 (Only 2) features I liked that were
a real improvement.  The rest of it was, well, just 
crazy. So I had made up my mind to take it into the 
computer shop and have them put in another OS, new, 
old or even windows.  Just make it work better.

But, before taking it into the experts I decided to give 
it one more chance by installing all the "updates",
Wow!  That was even a worse mistake than going to 
El Capitan.  It would barely work.  About all you 
could do was turn it on.

In all fairness.  I read on line and was also told by the 
computer shop that El Capitan was just too much 
program for my poor little laptop.

After being in the shop for about a week they called 
me and talked to me in "Geek" for a while then told 
me I could come pick it up.   It still had the El Capitan 
in it.  It would  be slow but would work.

Wow and double wow.  If there was any improvement 
at all, I could not tell it.  All that money out, and it 
would just barely work.

I could (For example) check my e-mail.  Then dementia 
or Alzheimer's would set in and I would have to force it 
to stop.  Let it rest a while, then reboot.  Then I could 
check the weather, and then go through the same
 process again.  Then, Facebook - or what ever, and 
stop, rest reboot, etc.

I am in the habit of talking to God about most of my 
problems.  Some people call it prayer.  And I became
more serious in my "praying".  A few days latter I 
noticed that it was working better.  And now, it is working
almost as good as new.  Why?  I don't know.  Whether
 the Lord reach down and tuned it some, or had me 
make a mistake that change it, or what.  I do not

But I do know that God himself is better at repairing 
computers than the computer shop.  AND, a whole lot


Saturday, January 7, 2017


I was on a farm about thirty miles from my house
when I spotted this old fossil of a tractor.  I knew
right away that it was something that just happened
all by it's self.

Let me explain.
Do you see those old railroad ties that are
lining the area with the tomatoes?  Now 
they are simple enough that someone might
have designed their arraignment.  They could
have a designer, or creator.

The same is true of these cement blocks that
border these garden spots.  Simple enough that
they could have a designer.

But that old fossils of a tractor could not possibly
have had a designer.  It is far too complex.  You
know, just like this old world and the universe,
far, far too complex to have a designer or creator.

You know how it all started, you have been 
taught.  There was nothing.  Lot's and lot's of
nothing.  In fact there got to be so much nothing
that billions of years ago all the nothing compressed
and went - BANG.  Then we had something.

Then by pure accident, and lot's and lot's and lot's of 
time, the something turned into the complex world 
we live in.  Simple, right?

The same way with this old tractor.  It did not
start with as much nothing, so it is not as big
as this old world.

Being as I was not there when the tractor came 
into existence, I can speak with authority on the
matter.  [Just like a "scientist" does.]  It is probably
one of the latter developments that came from nothing.
So it is possibly only about two million years old.

But having no designer, it runs so well that you 
would think it is only about thirty four or five
years old.

Not bad for something that came from nothing.