Sunday, March 17, 2019



This is grandpa's idea of a wild party.
This is one of my great grandsons, Easton,
at his first birthday party.

He is teaching grandpa how to dig in and
enjoy life.  Sure am glad that his parents 
had to clean him up.  He did live through 
it O.K.

This does make me think of a portion of 
the Holy Scriptures that say's:

"Young people, it's wonderful to be young!
Enjoy every minute of it.  Do everything you
want to do; take it all in.  But remember that
you must give an account to God for everything
you do.  So refuse to worry, and keep your
body healthy.  But remember that youth, with
a whole life before you, is meaningless."  
(Ecclesiastes 11:9,10 NLT)

Saturday, March 16, 2019



It was fun while it lasted.
I was only eighty three years old when my
insurance became due again.  Wouldn't you
know, they jacked the cost of my insurance
about 800%.

So, I simply rode the ride I was using then
over to the sale and hung up my keys for good.
That was the bike closest the ladder on the wall.
I'll admit, Ive hung onto the "Bandit" that shows
only the tail light in the left lower corner.  It is
"hopped" up and the fastest bike I have ever owned.
Well, you hang on to some of you memories too 
don't you? 

True, I wasted a lot of money on motorcycles.
Also true, it was fun while it lasted because God
in his mercy protected me all the way through
the experience.

now that I will be eighty five in a couple of 
days, and know that I cannot live forever in
this old body, I wish I had spend more of 
that wasted money for God and my fellowman.
Just like yourself, one day I am going to stand
before God almighty and give an accounting of 
my life here on earth.

I could have done better.

Sunday, February 17, 2019



This is possibly only one third of the cameras
I went through while trying to learn something
about photography.

The lesson I learned is, 
the camera does not make the photographer.
Yes, I love photography.  But I also love too 
much gadgets and neat equipment.  It was fun,
but expensive.

Truly I think the best advice I received was
online from a professional photographer.
I could not quote it exactly, but here is my
rendition or the essence of it.

Don't worry about what kind of a camera you
have.  Just use what you have and learn all
you can about it and all it's features.  Then
go out and learn to take interesting pictures
with it. 

Saturday, February 16, 2019



This was in one of the bedrooms of an old
abandoned place I had bought for a hideaway.
There was a large variety of books in the old
collection.  But only a few worth saving.

If a person did not mind cluttering up their
mind with a bunch of trash, then more of them
would have been worth saving.  But, I have 
enough trouble trying to keep a straight mind
anyway.  So most of them went into the trash.

I did get the sense of feeling that who ever
the former owner was, he was searching 
for truth in a number of different areas.
BUT, all the whisky bottles scattered around
outside make me feel he never found what
he was searching for.

Sunday, February 3, 2019


Talk about something scary.
I found this hanging on my back door
and I did not put it up there,
and I am one of the parents.

What do you do in a case like this when 
the kids are all adults and no longer under
our control.

Do you have any advice?

Sunday, January 27, 2019



This is just one of the pavilions at Crystal Bridges.
My understanding is that Crystal Bridges is an attempt
by Alice Walton of the Walton family to bring some
"culture" to our part of the country.  That is, the Ozark

I have visited there twice.  Now I like a pretty picture
as well as the next person.  Maybe even more.  But an
expensive original picture does not do anything more 
for me than a pretty picture on the internet.

I suppose what turns me off is that I have read that Alice
and the Walton foundation have made endowments of
800 millions dollars to this museum.  Yes, you read that
right - 800 million dollars.  Just trying to bring us some

when driving up there through several different 
communities I pass numbers of homeless people.
Now what is more important, a little culture or 
a home and something to eat.

Does our culture perhaps have some misguided

Saturday, January 26, 2019



One day while driving down county road 8516
in Madison County I found this county road
grader setting there with a problem.

Being as I am an old man I understood the 
problems this road grader was having.  I do
not know whether they took it to a 
Chiropractor to get it's spine straightened or
found a road grader doctor who knew what
medicine to give it.  But the next week when
I went down the same road, it was gone and
seems to have been working ever since.