Saturday, August 21, 2010

Delaney creek

I know. I know.
I know. I should
have been blogging.
But instead have
been "POKING

Remember, Jesus
is our supreme
example. The
Scriptures tell us,
"But he withdrew
to the wilderness
and prayed."
-Luke 5:16 RSV

Even he had to get away from people and alone with God the father.

Can you think of something better to do? I have been longing to get away
from the insanity of people. So following the Lord's example is the best
way I know.

The woods above are the wilderness I chose to hide in. And as you can
see below, there is a neat little creek there. This is "Delaney creek". And
much to your surprise, it runs through Delaney, Arkansas.

David, a man "after God's own heart" said,
"He leads me beside still water;
he restores my soul."
-Psalms 23:2

That's great advice. Grab your Bible. Head for the closest stream -
that is not crowded with people . And spend some time with God.
It restores my soul. I don't want to come back to so called civilization.

This is the pack mule I used this time. It works fine. There is room in
the hard bags, not only for my Bible, but snacks, water and more.

The best things is life are not, noise, confusion, working hard so
you can buy more things to take care of. Nor working you tail
off to impress your neighbors. Spending time with God will do
a lot more for you now and in the forever to come.

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  1. Ohhh....... I know what you're saying.
    The older my husband and I become, the more we long for times where we can find those places where the noise and confusion of the world is silenced and we can spend time soaking in God's presence and enjoying the world He's placed us on.