Monday, June 21, 2010


Yes. It is a
fake cannon.

This is the one
that a few
weeks ago
I told you we
could not get
to fire. Then
it would not
"boom", just
flame out.

As mentioned
then, the Lord
helped me
correct each

Here it is about ready to roll out of the shop.

And below, it's final resting place - maybe.
That depends on the wife and her flowers.

A fake cannon to be sure. But, even it were a real cannon,
it is poor protection. It's right out side my bedroom
window. But what about the other side of the house?
Or when I am asleep? Or heart attacks, disease, stuff
falling out of the sky?

A truck load of guns, knives, bombs and other weapons are
no guarantee of protection. True protection comes only
from God himself. We need to be in a personal one to one
relationship with God for true protection.

Is God protecting you? Or are you trying to do it yourself?

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