Thursday, June 3, 2010


This is the
kind of
cannon my
would like.

But if you
ever checked
the price of
one. You know
why he will not
get one. Even
a replica.

He thinks one
would look good
on this retaining wall.
You know what?
I think he is right.

So, grandpa gets
to build one.

This one is coming
from the factory with;
Wheels, hubs and
spindles - courtesy
of a Ford Escort.
Axle and elevation
adjuster from an old
satellite dish. Spade,
from an old truck
trailer hitch. Breech
bolts from an old
Ford recall. Spark
plug from an old 60's
Ford. And the rest
from the scrap metal
pile. That's the way I
do things.

I know, you just
wave a credit card
and get one.

This cannon is not
complete by any
means. But it is at
the stage where we
wanted to test fire
it. Then if changes
are necessary, they
can be made while
it is still under

You guessed it.
It would not fire.
I was planning on
using the igniter
from a gas grill to
fire the plug. And
the way you see it

in the last photo, on the bench it would fire
every time.

But put that plug in the cannon and
then try to get it to fire. Well, just
forget it. Why, I do not know. It would
work just perfectly on the bench. But
put it in the cannon -even wired like
you see, and it will only fire if it wants

I even tried the firing thing
that came with the igniter.
When I would get the gap right
it would fire every time - on the
bench. But bolt it into the barrel
of the cannon. And it would just
fire once in a while.

After lots of frustration and wasted
time I had to give up in desperation.
For me that means prayer time.
So pray I did. And several hours later
the Lord gave me the answer.

Yes I can make it fire now. It is not a
sonic boom, yet. Just a loud belch. But
that problem is the next step.

(Before I got this published. The Lord
helped us learn how to put the "boom"
in it too.)

The point I want to make is that God
answers prayer. Even on little things.
Some time you are going to be at the
end of yourself on something. Then it's
time to turn to Jesus Christ. He has
the solution to your problem.

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