Saturday, April 1, 2017


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This will be no "eye opener" to you
because daily the world is trying to
jam it down your throat.

They want you to think that millions and
millions of years ago - even before your
parents were born - lots and lots and lots
of nothing came together.  In fact so much
nothing came to gather that it finally exploded.

Then after this huge explosion of nothing,
thousands and millions of impossibilities
took place over millions and millions of 
years to produce this universe we live in.

by pure chance some of this "stuff" developed 
into simple little animals.  But not being content
to be simple little animals they decided to become
more complex.  That is, become "smart" people.

All of this our brilliant scientist were able to 
figure out with their smart brains.

So the next time someone accuses you of 
doing something stupid - just remind them
that you are an accident just like them.  Our
scientist tell us so.

Now here is where I have a hard time.
Do you see the picture of that simple fence

These same brilliant scientist would try to tell me
that it had to have a designer.  You know, an 
intellegent person gave some thought to its design
and production.

Does that mean that really complex stuff happens
all by it's self.  But really simple stuff has to have
a designer or creator?????


  1. Hi Manthano, so true !
    The empty headed fool says in his heart that there is no God.

    I say to them, that the Oxford Dictionary came into being by an explosion in the printing factory.