Friday, January 27, 2017


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Back when I was a kid, it was simple to identify people.
It usually only took a glance.  Or if in doubt, like one
 kid said, "Run around front and look."

But now days, O my.  Is it a him, her or an it.
But after watching for a few years I think I have
found out how to tell the difference.

Look under the sunglasses.

If the person has bright red lips, it is most likely a female.

Or, if in under the sunglasses, it has a beard, it is most
likely a male.

This is not an infallible method.  But I have found it to
to be pretty reliable most of the time.

You know even better than I do, that for thousands
 and thousands of years people got by without
 sunglasses just fine.  But then they found out that
 sunglasses made them look "COOL".  So they have
them on if they need them or not, to look cool,
day or night. 

The key is, look down below the sunglasses.

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  1. That post is really cool :-)
    the pictures say a thousand words :-)