Saturday, June 11, 2016


I have been using hand tools for over seventy
years.  And, just like you, when a job needs to
be done, we pick up the tools and just do the job.

But according to modern standards - we have
been doing it all wrong.  Some body setting at
a government desk, who has never in his life
used a tool,  is telling us how to do it.  But that
makes sense.  You and I are too busy doing the
job to think about doing it correctly.  But the
smart man at the desk who has not been taught
incorrectly  and has time to think about the proper
approach to using the tool will tell us how.

Now suppose that your wife is bugging you to
take that old loose nail out of the fence.  No,
don't get the tools yet.  You are not ready to
take out. 

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First go and get your steel toed work boots and put on.
You do not want to drop the crowbar on you little toe and
hurt it do you?

Next, put your safety vest on.  That will let your wife 
know that you are working, and, keep the neighbors
 kid from running over you with his bicycle.

Good.  You are starting off right.  Now go get your hard
hat.  You don't want a bird to build a nest in your hair
while you or working.  Or even worse a ball the kids are
playing with to hit you in the head.

You are almost ready.  Next get a good heavy pair of
gloves to put on.  This will keep you from pinching 
your little pinky.  Or even worse getting a splinter
from the old fence.

Now you can grab that crowbar, or pry bar, what 
ever you choose to call it.

If you can remember what you were going to do, 
or can still move - go pull that nail.

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