Saturday, June 4, 2016


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"JAW-DROPPING" the most over used idiom
on the internet used by jaw-dropping idiots.

You see it from the time you begin eating 
your jaw-dropping cereal.

To turning on your jaw-dropping computer,
to the jaw-dropping news cast.

Or perhaps your jaw-dropping weather report,
and the jaw-dropping image of some body that
did not put on enough clothes for the jaw-
dropping weather.

After years of looking at all the allegedly
jaw-dropping stuff,  my jaw never 
dropping even once.

This is my opinion of the idiom "jaw-dropping".

Your creator himself said;

"You can be sure that on the Judgment
Day you will have to give account of 
every useless word you have ever
spoken.  Your words will be used to
judge you - to declare you either
innocent or guilty."
(Matthew 12:36,37 GNT)

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