Thursday, November 10, 2011


Any good motorcycle goes through
stages. This is what mine looked
like when I bought it.

The first week I took off the kitchen
sink, the linen closets and the barn
door. That saved over 70 lbs.

Rode it like this as a work motorcycle
for years.

Then I retired. Got board and turned
it into this.

Was fun. But being retired I went to
riding a lot of back dirt roads and into
the National Forest.

Bobbers do not work well there.


Came this. Works good. Enough
stuff on board to live in the woods for
several days if necessary.

Depending on some "pending" circumstances.
This may change.

Possible motorcycle prototypes to consider below.

The high gas mileage motorcycle.

Or the camouflage model.

What is your suggestion for the next
generation of this motorcycle???

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