Saturday, January 7, 2017


I was on a farm about thirty miles from my house
when I spotted this old fossil of a tractor.  I knew
right away that it was something that just happened
all by it's self.

Let me explain.
Do you see those old railroad ties that are
lining the area with the tomatoes?  Now 
they are simple enough that someone might
have designed their arraignment.  They could
have a designer, or creator.

The same is true of these cement blocks that
border these garden spots.  Simple enough that
they could have a designer.

But that old fossils of a tractor could not possibly
have had a designer.  It is far too complex.  You
know, just like this old world and the universe,
far, far too complex to have a designer or creator.

You know how it all started, you have been 
taught.  There was nothing.  Lot's and lot's of
nothing.  In fact there got to be so much nothing
that billions of years ago all the nothing compressed
and went - BANG.  Then we had something.

Then by pure accident, and lot's and lot's and lot's of 
time, the something turned into the complex world 
we live in.  Simple, right?

The same way with this old tractor.  It did not
start with as much nothing, so it is not as big
as this old world.

Being as I was not there when the tractor came 
into existence, I can speak with authority on the
matter.  [Just like a "scientist" does.]  It is probably
one of the latter developments that came from nothing.
So it is possibly only about two million years old.

But having no designer, it runs so well that you 
would think it is only about thirty four or five
years old.

Not bad for something that came from nothing.

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