Saturday, July 16, 2016


Remember the good old days?
Oh, how we used to complain
about the junk mail.  The junk
mail was filling our mail box.

I wish that were my complaint now.
At least it stayed in the mail box until
we were good and ready to look at it.
It never banged on the door while I was
eating or trying to take a nap.  It waited
until "I" was ready for it.

Do you remember how we used to sort the mail?
If the piece of mail we picked up was of no interest
whatever to us, just one flip of the hand and it went
into the "round file".  We did not even have to get up.
And never walked across the room to pick it up 
and quite it down.

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But the joy that is ours now.
At any inconvenient moment the
phone will demand our attention.
It will be a "junk call" even if we
are on the "Do not call list".

How times have "improved".
Instant inconvenience. 

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