Saturday, May 14, 2016


I'm not as good at shopping as my wife,
or yours.  So I have learned to ask God
for his help - even shopping.

I wanted another chair for my hide away
out in the woods.

My criterion was:
1. Simple.  You know plain.
Nothing fancy to break 
down or have to clean.

2. Stout.  Strong.  Sturdy.

3. CHEAP.  I did not want to 
pay more than five to ten dollars.

I ask God to help me.  To go before
me and prepare my way.

I headed for a couple of thrift shops.
The first shop only had clothes.  Nothing
a man would be interest in.

I felt impelled to try a shop I had never
been in before.

Yep.  Bingo or what ever.  There up on
a shelf was an old metal framed chair.
It had a nice padded bottom.  Cool.
and a nice padded back rest.

The price was only $7.99.  O.K.!

I put it up on the counter to pay.
The girl said, "That will be .50
cents."  Hey girl the tag says $7.99.

She said yes.  But it is a green tag.
And today all green tags are .50 cents.


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