Saturday, February 28, 2015


That's a funny looking toilet.  It does not look like mine,
and I'll bet it does not look like yours either.  But I find
it in most of the hospital rooms I have been in lately.

I would hate to have a bottom shaped like that.  But for 
my sake they have put a partial seat that will fold down

But what is really odd to me is that funny little
pipe that is folded up toward the flush handle.
I have wondered a long time what it is for.  But
was afraid to ask.  It might embarrass me.  I am 
a man and perhaps I am not suppose to know.

Being as tall as I am I have never noticed the head
of the thing.  But the other day when looking down
at it, it looked like a shower head.

That's what it is.
It works when it is pulled all the way down.
Of course, I am still confused.  I stand about 6' 2"
tall.  And that thing is not even high enough for
me to sit under.

But it sure does work good.

Look at that thing squirt.
Hey!  Maybe it is to wash you feet with.
Oh well.  If you know why, let me know.

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