Thursday, April 25, 2013


I know.  What is fun and what is cheap???
And, like yourself, what is fun to me now would not
 have been forty years ago.

It happens that one of the things that is fun for me 
"today" is playing with cameras.  (That does not make
 me a photographer.)

For some time I have been wanting to get an old, 
cheap, low megapixel camera to play with.

So eBay, here I come.
I was able to find a suitable camera for $9.99.  
That's right, just under $10.00.  It came with the 
memory card, two batteries and a wall charger.  
All I had to do was put one of the batteries in the 
camera and start shooting.  Praise God for that.

Then the expenses begin to mount up.  From eBay
 I bought a  cheap tripod.  Yes,  .99 cents.  That 
included shipping.  So now I am at $10.98 for my 
photographic gear.  Not quite so cheap now.

All of these images on this post were taken with it,
 my cheapest, lowest megapixel camera.  Just two 
megapixels. I am not quite sure what that proves.
But I enjoyed doing it.

Oh yes!
The tripod.  That is image number one.
A mini tripod is what I wanted.  And boy is it mini.
It will not even support the camera.

So let's just call it a novelty.
But the camera suits me well for an old man's toy.

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  1. They look great. It's not the equipment, it's the "eye".