Wednesday, May 30, 2012


God drew something to my mind today.

See those kids above.  They are some of my great grand children.
These two are from a broken home.  They get shuffled around a lot.
As a result the parents are tooooo busy trying to make new lives for themselves to give these guys the affection they need.
Yet they are great kids.

You know.
"Kids need hugs, not drugs."
That kind of thing.

Above they are "making stuff" at one of grandpa's shops.
After spending a lot of time with them, they have become real special to me.
Often they come around grandpa and it is obvious they just want to be hugged.
To know that they are loved.

Hey! I love it.
And I want their hugs too.

This morning I was setting here wishing one, or both, of them would be hugging grandpa instead of in school.

God drew my attention to the fact that he is the same way.
God longs for our affection.  Our hugs.

"Come near God,
and he will come near to you."
-James 4:8 (GNB)

1 comment:

  1. Ohhh my goodness. You should have warned us we'd need a tissue for this one Luther.
    How absolutely touching. Your great-grandchildren are SO BLESSED to have you in their lives and to get those Grandpa hugs and attention. And you desire their hugs back. Yep... just like our heavenly Father does from us.
    Thank you for the reminder. How beautiful. Gonna go hug my Daddy now.