Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Barbed wire trees.
One of the oddities of the evolutionary process.

You know how trees are.  Apple trees produce apples.  Pear trees produce pears.  And nut trees produce nuts.  As expected barbed wire trees produce barbed wire.  As with other trees, the fruit does not resemble the tree it's self.

Barbed wire trees differ in one respect.  Like maple syrup comes from the trunk of the tree.  Barbed wire comes out of the trunk of the tree also.

Barbed wire trees are one of the latter developments on the evolutionary scale.  You do not need to go back even one million years to find their origin.  In fact, scientist have not found any evidence of a barbed wire tree before about 1865 to 1873 A.D.

Further, barbed wire trees seem to be falling out of the evolutionary process.  All wise mother nature has seen there is less and less need for producing barbed wire as our world becomes more urbanized.  So barbed wire trees are becoming a real rarity.  I consider my self fortunate to have a few on my property.

Above is a two strand species.
On my place I have found one, two, four and five strand species.  But that is in only about one hour of searching time.  No doubt there are some of the missing species also if I will but be diligent in my searching.

The picture above is one of four strands coming out of a four strand species. The barbed wire is of the old rust colored style barbed wire.

The picture below is one of the most productive of all the barbed wire tree species.  It is a five strand species tree.

"The fool hath said in his heart,
There is no God."

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