Monday, November 14, 2011


These old boys meet every need of their guest.

When they take their guests on an outing every comfort is considered. This accommodation is designed to accompany them with each excursion along public streets. On these field trips they check nature and the environmental impact of the public on these scenic areas. Then in those places where the public has been negligent they try to return it to it's pristine beauty.

If you are interested I could put you in contact with the department. They possibly would welcome you on one of these scenic trips. They will even carry their guns to protect you while you are admiring nature along the road side and removing unsightly debris from a thoughtless public.

This particular county furnishes an orange suit for your protection and visibility.

Or if orange is not your color, the county just north of us furnishes suits with strips on them. The strips are black and white making a nice contrast. Also if you are overly conscious about being too tall and thin, the strips go around you to make you look just a little heavier.

But any way you look at it, if you think green is really "in" along the road side. Consider joining one of these counties in a roadside outing. You could make a difference.

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