Saturday, October 15, 2011


I have always considered myself a "gear head". That was because I could not qualify for: student, geek, techie, smart, athletic, writer, artistic or rich.

One definition given on the Internet says a gear head is, ":a person who pursues mechanical or technological interests (as in automobiles or computers):" I still might make it.

But then I found a real "gear head". It is so much better looking than myself and smarter, that I'm ashamed of myself. Now I don't know what I am.

The genuine gear head above I found at Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park in Prairie Grove, AR. As you can see it is a very complicated high tech peace
of equipment. It's no wonder this old hill billy feels so humiliated and inferior.

But there is a day coming when God is going bring down ALL of the pride of mankind. So I guess a head start on humility would be good for me.

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