Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I happen to enjoy ruins. Why? I do not
know. But I would stop to look at the old
foundation of a none existent house long
before stopping to admire a new one.
Perhaps it is the same thing that makes
a lady stop at a flee market.

On a motorcycle ride one day I came upon this
dandy. It is on Hwy. 45 near Cainhill, Arkansas.
Looking at the map, my guess would be it is
about 6 miles or so from the Oklahoma border.
Cainhill is my kind of town. That is if I had to
live in town. When driving through Cainhill -
if you blink you will miss it.

This is one of the largest water wheels I've
seen. The stream does not show in the pictures.
But obviously it is near the water wheel.

This is a real cool place to stop, browse around,
eat a sandwich and have a cool drink. (If you
brought them with you.)

Now that I think of it, God likes ruins too.
That is why Jesus came and died in out place.
To fix our ruined lives, if we will let Him.

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