Monday, February 1, 2010


Arkansas has three
natural bridges. This
one happens to be
over in Newton
county, right in the
middle of my favorite
motorcycle riding

This is in a park known as "Alum Cove". It has a great picnic
area and restroom facilities.

There is a good trail with rest areas going down to the natural
bridge. Approximately a quarter mile hike down. Just remember,
it's up hill coming back.
Take a tape meausre with you if you want to double check these figures.
But they say the bridge is about 130 foot long and 20 foot wide.

Pictures of course do not do it justice. You need to get down
under it to really appreciate it.

After looking over
the bridge. If you
are not winded,
continue on down
the trail.

The little picture
below does not
even begin to give
you a concept of
all the nooks, crannys,
caves and such there
are to explore.

But if you have the time and energy, you will enjoy poking around
seeing some of natures unusual sights.

To get to Alum Cove go up or down secenic hwy 7. (In Arkansas.)
Down below Jasper a ways take hwy 16 to Deer. (Just don't go to
Deer) Follow this just a couple of miles to 327. Turn right or north
a few more miles to Alum Cove at the sign.

This is truly an unusual area. You will not regret seeing it.

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