Tuesday, January 5, 2010


These are a couple of
neighbors who came
over to visit with me
a few days back.

Real good neighbors.
They are kinda shy
neighbors. So I had
to do all the talking that day.

And these are the
neighbors who got
me to thinking about

One day I was just
watching them do
their thing. They
were not a bother
to anybody. Just being
good neighbors going about their business.

God has been real good to me with my neighbors.
On the West and on the South of me are the type
neighbors you see in the pictures.

On the East and the North of me are neighbors
who don't have as many legs. But still good neighbors.

I have lived here about thirty six or thirty seven
years. And in all that time I do not remember any
of my neighbors (no matter how many legs.) trying
to tell me,
  • What color to paint my house.
  • How long or short my grass should be.
  • Where I could park my boat - if I had one.
  • Where I can park my car or truck.
  • How loud my motorcycle can be.
  • Etc.
  • Etc.
  • Etc.

As you can see
here. God has
just given me
good neighbors.
Curious sometimes,
but good.

The place just to the East of me is a rent house.
Even there with neighbors coming and going
for around twenty five years, I can only remember
one neighbor who resembles this picture.

And then, it was only for
a short time. The renters
have always been temporary.

I think their landlord has a
way of running them off.

Do you know. In all these
years the ONLY ones who
gave me trouble. (Tried to
tell me how to live.) Were
not even neighbors. They
came all the way from town to stick their nose in
my business. It only happened once. And they were
not even neighbors.

Yes. I thank God for the neighbors I have and
have had. Even the one walking away from you
in the picture above.

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