Friday, September 7, 2012


That is one of the great granddaughters.

One of her grandfathers (Not this one) calls her,
"A woman in training."

He is correct.  I assume that is because two of 
her grand mothers spend a lot of time teaching 
her to, shop and shop and shop.

generally at someone else's expense.

It is hard to believe, but there is more to a 
woman than shopping. In about two more 
winters I will be eighty years old - the Lord 
willing.  And as slow as I am to learn, I've 
learned that a woman also has to have a 
man to boss around.

It's just something about a woman's nature.  
She has to have a man to correct and direct.  
[See guys, we are needed.] I think it's because 
she has the need to have control over 
something more powerful than her self. 
Like a man needs a monster truck.  Or to be 
a lion trainer, or conquer mountain.

Well, this granddaughter is only ten years old.  
So she has no husband or boyfriend to boss 
around. That's where I come in.  I let her 
practice bossing on me. 

She wanted a turtle. So, it was grandpa's 
job to get one.  (The one on the right.)

It was put in the back yard by the pond.  
The next day the one on the left come out 
of a field to join it. 

"Grandpa get that turtle from across the 
fence.""Grandpa fix a place to keep my 
turtles.""Grandpa........." "Grandpa......."

Just love it.  I'm needed in the training of a