Sunday, January 29, 2012


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Today a man said,
"marriage is ideal.
If you don't work at it, it will become an ordeal.
Then you will think you got a raw deal.
Some people then look for a new deal."

Friday, January 27, 2012


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You have ridden more horses than I have. But my experience on a number of horses over the years tells me they can be contrary critters. Even "broken" horses. They all have a mind of their own. Now you know why I ride motorcycles instead.

They tell me that a horse cannot be ridden until it is broken. At least ridden safely. Why would it want to do your bidding anyway? So until it is broken it does what it wants, not what you want. And donkeys have a reputation of being even more stubborn.

The picture above is not a horse. It is a donkey - on purpose. And young donkeys, just like young horses are called "colts". At least in the Scriptures. That's what Jesus rode, a young donkey. The old version of the Bible called a donkey an "ass".

I read something again today of interest. When Jesus was getting ready to go to Jerusalem on what we call his "Triumphant Entry", his request to the disciples was to get a very specific "colt".

"As soon as you get there, you will find a colt tied up that has never been ridden"
-Mark 11:2 (TEV)

Jesus - the very creator of the universe - got on that donkey colt and rode it to Jerusalem with out a whimper from it. He did not even have to break it.

Why is it that we will not yield to our vary creator unless he breaks us, but that "dumb ass" yielded with out a complaint.

Are donkeys smarter than us????

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Years ago a tornado pasted through in a town about fifty miles south of us. All I remember it taking out was a bar and perhaps a building next to it. Now tornado's are called an act of God. So was this God passing judgement on that establishment?

Then came another thought. What if it took out a church? Would that be showing God's displeasure with that church?

This is not the result of a tornado. Yep, it's a burned out church. Who did that? God or the Devil?

I do not know who to blame for this any more than you do. One of my fellow workers attended there. He said they were thinking about remodeling anyway.

But I did learn something. It was a great excuse to use about a million dollars of God's money to make a nice place to set on Sunday - instead of in the building out back.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


There is one area of the country I enjoy riding my motorcycle in. It has beautiful scenery, nice winding roads and a number of old abandoned houses, mobile homes, barns and sheds. For some reason I always wish I could poke around abandoned building, autos and machinery.

These pictures are from one that the owner gave me permission to poke around in, all I wanted. So, I did.

This unit appears to have been abandoned for many years. perhaps even a decade. The evidence seems to point out one truth,
"The rats play when the owners away."

But come to think of it. That is the way our life is.
When we keep God away, the Devil comes in to play.