Monday, July 5, 2010


I live in motorcycle
country. That's the
way God made it,
and I'm glad.

BUT, I live uncomfortably
close (10 - 15 miles.)
to a city which hosts
about the 6th largest
motorcycle rally in
the nation.

You can learn a lot
by just keeping your
eyes open. Over the
last ten years or so
I have been watching
"bikers" - local and visiting. And, picking up added information from my
motorcycle acquaintances and friends.

One of the things I first observed is that when one of these motorcycle rallies
is going on, motorcycles appear in driveways and front yards that have been
hidden all year long.

Makes you wonder.

After watching the
action (or lack of)
for all these years
it has become obvious
that the typical
motorcycle ride
consist of the following.

l. Go pull the "biker"
costume off the shelf.
Dust it off and put it on.

2. Talk mama into
going with you, if she
will. And give her time
to dig out her "biker"
costume and put it on.

3. Roll the bike out of
it's hiding place. And
get it started. It helps
to race it up a bunch
and make a lot of racket.
That way people know
you have it.

4. Climb on. (Both of you,
if mama is going with you.)

5. Here is the hard part.
Ride it, all the way - AND I
the closest car wash.

6. Wash the motorcycle
thoroughly .

7. If you had to come to
the car wash solo, then
head for your favorite
watering hole to spend
some time bragging about
what a great biker you

8. If mama came with
you, head for the house.

9. Lap the block several
times so people can see
that you actually have a
running motorcycle.
(The more neighbors out - the more laps.)

10. When you get to the house, spend the rest of the day wiping, polishing
and detailing the motor cycle. [Note: This should be done in the drive way or
front yard, close to the street, so everyone driving by can admire the way you do it.]

11. Put the motorcycle back in it's hiding place.

12. Take the "biker" costume off and put it back on the shelf until the next
great adventure to the car wash.

Now, wasn't that fun?

Most "bikers" I meet ride this way. The Bible tells us of
a group of "religious" people who " all their deeds to
be seen by men:" (Mt. 23:5) It seems "religious" people
are not the only ones infected with this disease.