Friday, April 23, 2010


This photo has nothing to do with nothing. It is simply
a concept motorcycle for a motorcycle company that
has no concept about motorcycles.

I am simply a simple old man that likes simple old
motorcycles. That makes us compatible.

Now take the simple old motorcycle below.

Do you see those two rear shock? If you are in no hurry
to adjust them. Then drag you feet over to the tool box.
Then chat a while with a friend. That way it would take you
less than five minutes to adjust them. Not even time for
a cup of coffee.

If you were in a hurry to adjust those shocks, it would
take less than 120 seconds - for both of them.

So the grand kid comes in with this newer motorcycle
below. Same brand. But new and fancy. "Grandpa,
will you adjust my back shock? When my girl friend
rides with me it bottoms out."

He was not man enough to tell her to loose weight.
Or may be he just wanted to live a little longer.
Or, may be keep his girl friend!

"Sure kid. Where is the shock at?"

Now the reason I call this a theologian's motorcycle is
that theologians like to complicate things. (You might
use some one else.) And as you will see, it appears that
the motorcycle company must have added a theologian
to the design team.

Adjust the shock now in five minutes. You are kidding.
It's more like five hours. Notice the steps now that a
theologian has been added to the team.

-Jack up and block the motorcycle. (I added a sky hook.)
-Remove exhaust pipes.
-Remove storage box.
-Remove tool kit.
-Remove lower shock bolt.
-Remove tie rods from rocker arm.
-Remove upper shock bolt.
-Remove shock from motorcycle.
-Take to bench and adjust.

Reinstall by reversing the removal steps.

Now that's just like a theologian. Do you want to get to
know God personally? Well I'll just tell you how;
-Come to my church and listen to me talk.
-Then come up front so I'll know my talk did something.
-Then say this simple prayer.
-Then we have this ceremony for you to go through.
-After that you will go to our class to learn the 35 things
you must believe to be like us.
-Here is a list of the 117 things you must do.
-And here is the list of 378 things you can never do.
- OH! I almost forgot. You pay here.

Sound familiar????

But how does God look at it?

Jesus tells us about a tax collector [Now you can't get
any lower than that.] who wanted to get right with God.
He was dead serious and simply cried out, "God be
merciful to me a sinner!" Jesus said he was justified.

When Jesus was dying for you and me, one of the
criminals being executed with him called to him.
"Jesus, remember me when you come into your
kingdom." Jesus told him that he would be with him
in Paradise that very day.

When a Jailer was about to commit suicide because
of circumstances in desperation he called out to
the apostle Paul and his pardner, "Men, what must
I do to be saved?" They replied, "Believe in the Lord
Jesus, and you will be saved,..."

I don't know about you. But I like simple old
motorcycles and I like the simplicity that God
allows in turning to him, if we will.

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  1. Oh wow. Manthano, this was AWESOME. Hmmm.... Wait... isn't that like the simple 'parables' Jesus spoke. **wink**
    How wonderful that God keeps it so simple that we can 'get it' even in our every day tasks. I'm so glad this isn't another 'Theologian' site. :)