Monday, March 8, 2010


We know why God made the Swiss Alps and
the Andes. So it could snow on them. Then
we could ski, climb, toboggan and snowmobile.
And as the snow melts, give us streams and
rivers that flow to the ocean.

God made the ocean to catch all that water.
Then we could sail on it. Swim in it and
catch fish from it.

God made the desert for a dry place for
cactus to grow and a place for us to explore.

But have you ever thought why God made the
Ozarks ? (That's where these pictures are from.)

That's the simplest question of all. It's the
perfect place to ride motorcycles.

Meet me out there on the road.


  1. We will meet you there as soon as I can convince my dear hubby to let's sell everything and buy a Harley! LOL! Beautiful pictures.


  2. Well how beautiful! I imagine that spring in the Ozarks must be breathtaking.
    One day my husband and I will visit there.
    Thanks for the amazing photos!