Monday, March 29, 2010


Now if you insist on
living in a large town,
may I suggest
Hindsville. I know,
it is getting crowed.
There are signs of
growth several

But when you live on the outskirts of a large
metropolis like I do. Even with the large size of
Hindsville it is inviting. Why the community next
door to me has on the warning sign you are
entering their territory, a population of 752.
Now that's 750 toooo many.

Ladies, LOOK. Antiques.
There are at least two
antique stores in
Hindsville. And you can
bring your husband.
While you are shopping
send him outside.


Even a model "T" waiting for
him to make into a project

And cross the street even another antique shop.
Better yet, across its parking lot and across the
street is the Valley Inn Cafe.

So while you are in
here. Send your
husband over there.
He will eat good and
meet friendly people
while you are spending
his money. How's that
for putting him in a
good mood?
I've spent many a pleasant hour in there eating good
food. For years this was the only place my wife would
eat steak. She insists on a GOOD steak. And this was
the place.

Oh! They have some of
the best home made pies
in the area.

Drop what you are doing. Come on down into
Arkansas. Head for Madison County like we
do and get refreshed.

Hindsville is in the west side of Madison County on
Hwy 412.

If we meet in the cafe I can share with you more good
eating places around here. That's what we do best here.

Friday, March 19, 2010


An abandoned building was something I
never saw growing up. Some times vacant for a
time when changing owners or renters. But
never abandoned.

This may have been due to over population
of the area. (That's why I left.) This resulted
in a shortage of places to live or work. And
if a place ever became uninhabitable, it was
removed and another put in it's place because
of the premium on land value.

I saw my first abandoned building on a trip into
the Midwest years ago. It was so unique to me
that I have been fascinated with them ever since.

These photos of abandoned buildings were taken
in; Madison, Newton and Washington counties
of Arkansas. One was taken in South Central
Nebraska. Probably in Shelton, or there abouts.
You guess which one came out of Nebraska.

As a person gets older they begin to feel a little
more like these old buildings. Our old bodies
are not as useful as they used to be. And we
find that even society begins to leave us out.
If you are older you know that. You may have
the experience and the answers, but the younger
generation wants to make their own mistakes.
So our opinion is no longer regarded.

But if we will "pardner" with Jesus Christ,
our creator, He makes us a promise.

"I will never leave you; I will never abandon you."
-Hebrews 13:5 TEV

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I happen to enjoy ruins. Why? I do not
know. But I would stop to look at the old
foundation of a none existent house long
before stopping to admire a new one.
Perhaps it is the same thing that makes
a lady stop at a flee market.

On a motorcycle ride one day I came upon this
dandy. It is on Hwy. 45 near Cainhill, Arkansas.
Looking at the map, my guess would be it is
about 6 miles or so from the Oklahoma border.
Cainhill is my kind of town. That is if I had to
live in town. When driving through Cainhill -
if you blink you will miss it.

This is one of the largest water wheels I've
seen. The stream does not show in the pictures.
But obviously it is near the water wheel.

This is a real cool place to stop, browse around,
eat a sandwich and have a cool drink. (If you
brought them with you.)

Now that I think of it, God likes ruins too.
That is why Jesus came and died in out place.
To fix our ruined lives, if we will let Him.

Monday, March 8, 2010


We know why God made the Swiss Alps and
the Andes. So it could snow on them. Then
we could ski, climb, toboggan and snowmobile.
And as the snow melts, give us streams and
rivers that flow to the ocean.

God made the ocean to catch all that water.
Then we could sail on it. Swim in it and
catch fish from it.

God made the desert for a dry place for
cactus to grow and a place for us to explore.

But have you ever thought why God made the
Ozarks ? (That's where these pictures are from.)

That's the simplest question of all. It's the
perfect place to ride motorcycles.

If you are into motorcycles, come try it.

Meet me out there on the road.