Friday, February 19, 2010


I appologize for the very poor photos.

The sunlight just would not cooperate.
And I could not wait half a day for the
proper light. (Yes, I have heard of filters.
But there are none for that little camera.)

This little picnic area is such a delight
I stop here each time I pass through the

This is found on Hwy 74 in Madison County
Arkansas. Just a short distance East of Hwy.
23. Even when you are looking for it, you
will probably drive past it before really
seeing it.

The pictures do not do it justice. But if
you can ever get by there you will enjoy
just poking around looking the place over.

There has been a lot of work put into this
little picnic area. It deserves your attention
and enjoyment.

I have even found locals there who drove a
mile from the house just to enjoy the solitude.

It is areas like this that help me appreciate all
the more the wonderful things God has made.
And in this case man did not mess it up too

May you be blessed with a "hide-a-way" to get
to and a time of tranquility often.

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